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Salaam beautiful, I hope that you’re doing well and in good health💕

First things first, each tip I share is just a snippet from my new online course for how to start a home-based business.

So if you like what you hear and you want to learn more, check it out:

Let’s dive in…

Tip #1: Start with a Solid Foundation

Consider having a consultation with a reputable accountant in your industry (someone who specializes in what you do) to ensure you get set up with the right structure.

A Sole Proprietor vs LLC, a Single Member LLC vs Partnership LLC, or even an LLC but being paid as an S-Corp are all very different.

Some may be more advantageous than others depending on your sales volume of gross income.

The accountant will know that and they can help you get set up properly from the beginning.

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Tip#2: Choose One Social Media Platform to Start

I’m guilty of not doing this but I see the affects of doing it properly when I do focus my energy in one area and stay consistent with it.

If you try to be in too many places at once, too fast, you’ll burn out. This is especially if you’re starting solo.

You have work to do building, setting up systems, outreach and overall marketing but it’s also important to be consistent.

You’ll do this better if you only have one place to focus on and be known for being.

You can create and crank out your content quickly and consistently and your audience will know when and where to find you.

I’m not saying it always has to be like that, but consider starting like that and then adding onto your load as you see fit, or as you bring on another team member or contractor.

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Tip#3: Be Confident

You know what you know. You didn’t start this business for nothing. You did it because you have something you’re good at and there are people who can benefit from your skill and who will pay you.

But you can’t be timid and unsure of yourself.

Would you pay someone money who seemed unsure of what you’re paying them for?

If I want my hair done, should I trust someone who says “I think I can do what you’re asking”? Um, no.

I need a professional who knows their stuff, especially if I have to pay a considerable amount of money.

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Me, I know that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to setting up a business.

Does that mean I know how to draft a legal contract, or that I can outline zoning laws and business license requirements in every state?

No, but I know enough to advise on not skipping those checks. I know what needs to be done, in what order and where to find these things out and locate those professionals to do their jobs.

That’s why I choose to educate and advise people who don’t know, about setting up their home businesses.

I know I know what I’m talking about, I’ve walked in those shoes and continue to constantly educate myself on the process so that I can maintain and grow my knowledge💕

Do whatever you need to do and learn whatever you need to learn to do the same in your area. Get that confidence under your belt before you ever offer a service and then OWN IT!

I have my brand new Course available!! It outlines each step you need to act on to take your home business idea from just an idea to an actual business.

If you’re stuck or don’t know what to do, check it out and get your idea off the ground ASAP.

That’s all I have for today, stay blessed ya’ll!

Salaam, Shante♥️