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Ramadan Mubarak to all of my Muslim brothers and sisters!

Have you been considering starting an online business from home? Something that’s halal and can benefit you and your family?

Let’s jump right into it.

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These are all halal online business opportunities, or good according to our Islamic faith, so I’m excited to dive into them.

Fair warning, I’ll mention each idea and then offer a brief summary of my suggestions but if you want to see more details about each one, you can visit my home business ideas playlist on my YouTube Channel too.

Now I’m sure you’ve heard of each of these businesses, but let me give you my perspective on them and why I think that any one of them would be a good option to get started with online.

1. Become a Virtual Assistant

So the first idea is to become a Virtual Assistant.

I have a YouTube video with over 8,000 views on it to date but to reiterate why it’s on my list, I simply think it’s a great foundational service if you’re just getting started online.

You can take any skill that you have and begin offering it remotely to other people or businesses who will benefit from your service.

Think of skills you currently have or experience that you’ve acquired, even from an old job.

If you’ve ever done telemarketing, transcription, research, data entry or even customer service, these are all transferable to doing them on your own, working for yourself.

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I had a client that I worked for. She had a physical product and she wanted me to call people who purchased it to see if they benefited from using it.

That’s in line with customer service.

If someone needs a list of places, names of companies in a certain area with certain demographics or other detailed information, you can do that too. It’s just research and data entry.

You get the idea. 

You can transfer any skill you’ve learned or learn a new one and pretty much just start putting yourself out there and you can be in business.

For more detailed steps, you can visit my YouTube Video.

2. Start a Blog

The next idea I want to throw out there is blogging.

This one is great because you have many different options to create revenue streams and you’re literally building the platform to promote it all on.

Blogging is essentially writing articles online about a specific topic that will draw readers who are also interested in that topic. Like this one your’e reading now.

My blog is specifically about helping people start online businesses, so all of the posts center around that specific topic.

You can literally blog about anything, that’s the beauty of it!

You can write about what you’re passionate about or have a lot of knowledge in, that other people can benefit from, on an educational level or completely frivolous.

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In this world of millions of people, there will be people who can relate or are entertained and will keep coming back.

As long as you’re positioning your content well and being consistent, you’ll see results over time.

I want you to think outside the box here, get creative and just have fun with it!

Understand that you may know more than you think you do or have talents you don’t acknowledge. Get past that and just come to terms with the fact that you have something you can give to the world.

Some of the services I offer are email-based consulting and email-based coaching for home business startups so if you’re stuck but you know you want to do something, reach out.

I may be able to help you figure it out.

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Once your blog is underway and you’re putting out content, you can get a feel for the market and begin to create your own products to sell, promote other people’s products or even make money off of ads and guest posting.

And the list goes on.

With this online business idea, you’ll want to consider it more so if you’re not in a rush to start earning money.

It may take time to build and get yourself out there, but once you do, it could benefit you very nicely.

Also with this option, consider learning more about Pinterest from a business perspective because it’s a great traffic source for blogs.

You’ll want to consider creating some opt-ins to entice people to want to click through to your blog and download your products.

I’ll be writing about this business separately in detail because there’s so much more to it and you need to create a good strategy if you plan to make money.

So yeah, look out for that future post as wellđź‘Ť

3. Get Into Affiliate Marketing
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This leads me to idea number three, affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is where you basically promote other people’s products and get a commission from each sale.

This can happen in different ways.

You can go to websites like Click Bank and Share a Sale that have a marketplace of products and services to choose from, sign up on their platform and then basically cruise through and see what you’d like to promote.

Then you’ll grab the links, the graphics, the swipe files for emailing and whatever you need to basically promote the item.

As soon as you make a sale or even get the product creator a lead in some cases, you’ll get a percentage or flat fee per occurrence.

On the other hand, you can consider things you’re already using (which I would recommend) because then it’s even easier for you to promote it.

You already know firsthand what that product or service can do, how it functions, how it’s beneficial or in what ways it can be useful to the next person.

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Most people nowadays have an affiliate option. If you go to the bottom of most websites you’ll see Affiliate Program near the Contact Us or Careers section.

It could be a food service, software, clothing brands, housewares, literally anything.

If there’s something you use regularly or really like, check their site out because they might have an affiliate program for it.

If you’re blogging or have an email list, these are perfect ways to introduce affiliate offers you’re recommending because you’ll already have an audience of people who trust you and respect your opinion.

They’re more likely to buy from you.

Side note, even Amazon has various types of affiliate programs. And so does Ebay, Walmart and lots of big chains, so consider them as well.

Check out my YouTube Video on this:

Unlike blogging, you can make money from this right away in some cases.

Some programs pay out weekly, monthly, or when you’ve reached a certain amount. So you could promote something today and get a buyer tomorrow.

4. Create Digital Products

And this brings me to my last halal home business recommendation. Create and sell digital products or information products online. I have to say, this is my favotire to do.

These digital products could be anything that can be created and sold in the online world:

Ecourses, eBooks, templates, swipe files, planners, guides, children’s books, invitations, cards, voice files, webinars, slideshows, itineraries, party ideas or even fonts.

Again, with this home business idea, the list goes on. Get creative and have fun!

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The great thing about this is, once you make a sale, you get to keep all the money. Unlike with affiliate marketing, where you receive a commission per sale.

Well, minus any transaction fees or fees that your selling platform might charge.

You’re more in control of your income with this because the more you market and make sales, the more you increase your cash flow.

You have an abundance of options to choose from as far as online platforms to sell your products.

You can go the route a lot of people do when they first get started and open an Etsy store, or use Gumroad or Amazon KDP.

On these platforms, they have existing traffic so it may be good for starting but there’s also competition because of other sellers on the platforms.

On the other hand, you can jump straight into creating your own online shop with sites like Shopify, Payhip or even your own website.

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A great tool you can learn to use and work with for this type of business is Canva. That’s the one I use so that’s why I’m recommending it. it’s a free graphic design software.

It’s great for beginners because they have an abundance of templates for any type of online product you could want to create.

And just like we discussed before, once you have an online presence like a blog, email list, YouTube channel, podcast or even business social media accounts, you have an open audience of trusting followers who will be looking to support you if you’re already giving them good content anyway.

And if you really want to get into it, once you create products, there are sites that will let you start your own affiliate program where you get other people to promote your items for you, and you just give them a percentage of each sale.

You can even pay someone who has an established following of your ideal customers to promote your product to those followers. There are so many options here.

This is another good online business idea if you’re looking for immediate cash flow.

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Most platforms will send the money straight to your bank account or Paypal account once the transaction goes through.

Others may wait until you have a minimum amount in sales transactions before they deposit the money. Or they may have set deposit days. Check them out and do what works for you.

I’ve been in the online realm for years now, I’ve been paid for all of these business ideas I’ve recommended on this list.

Full transparency, while I’ve made money over the years in most of these business ideas, I just made my first affiliate sale last month! And I think I’ll be leaning into that avenue a little more.

It’s so rewarding!

It’s rewarding to put effort into something and put yourself out there and then have people receptive enough to it, to pay you for it.

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Another beautiful thing about all of these halal home-based businesses to start, is that you can start with one and then implement others as you grow to have multiple streams of income, like I do.

You can offer freelance services, you can create products, promote products and build a blog, all in sync.

But if you’re just getting started, definitely start with one.

If you’re stuck, check out My Site and see how I can help you get unstuck so that you can start your online business journey as well.

I want you to be successful so go out there and get some knowledge under your belt and then don’t waste time, just take the leap and get your business started!

Also, don’t forget I have a FREE eBook of over 100 online business ideas you can start if you need even more work from home online business ideas.

I’ll be back next week with more. Stay blessed.

Salaam, Shante❤