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Coaching FAQs

*This is a Women’s Only Program*

Which Startup Businesses can I help you with?

Due to my religious beliefs, I can only assist with business industries that are considered “Halal.” The word Halal means good, according to my Islamic faith. So I’m unable to assist with any industry that goes against that belief.

This does not mean I can only assist Muslim women, it just depends on your industry. I have a FREE eBook I wrote with over 100 Home Business Ideas to Start so there’s no shortage of options.

Instead of me listing the few that I cannot assist with, please ask. I would absolutely love to help you, because I love what I do so please do not shy away, just ask. If I am unable to assist, I will politely inform you🙂

What is the difference between consulting and coaching?

Consulting is more like teaching. When you ask me a question, I will give you the answer. You can move forward with that in your startup. You may want this service if you already know what you want to do but have some holes that need to be filled in or want specific advice.

Coaching is more like guidance. You may take this route if you’re still confused or questioning starting your business, developing your business idea, and seeking some one-on-one accountability and support to get started.

I know that everyone is in a different place and some people need more help than others, so I’m providing you with this amazing combination of assistance.

How do the services even work?

After you submit your payment for services, you will fill out the intake form.

I will review your goals and where you’re at now and come up with a road map to help you reach that goal. I’ve created a workbook specifically for this so I’ll email you a copy and we’ll work through the steps you need to take to start your business.

We can use that as a rough outline so to speak, but I’ll see where you’re at and we can go from there. You may need some clarity and guidance first. I’ll assess that on a case by case basis.

Along the way, you can send me detailed email questions and I will send replies throughout the week. On these designated days and times I will be most active with email replies: Monday-Thursday 11AM-6PM. I will stay on top of you to give you that accountability you need to reach your goals.

For this email/text system I use a combination of traditional email as well as an app called Nudge. I will send you the link when we begin. It’s free to download. I will send you resources, reminders and videos for each step to take. This app will also serve as our “texting” environment so that everything is properly tracked in one place.

The system is accessible via phone or computer for your flexibility.

Do I need to join for an extended period of time?

There’s no pressure and no two paths are the same. This is your journey and you decide how much support you need and for how long. Once you’ve paid your weekly or monthly fee, you have that full week or month and then you can choose to continue with my assistance or cancel if you’re ready to fly solo.

*My weeks start on Mondays, so once your payment is made, your support will start that following Monday. IF YOU WANT TO START RIGHT AWAY, inform me so that I can send you a prorated invoice for where you’re at in the week*

Weekly Service Runs: Monday 9am-Friday 7pm and Monthly Services Run: Monday 9am-Friday 7pm for 4 consecutive weeks.

Why is the price so affordable?

Well first of all, I want my services and experiences to be accessible to anyone open to receiving guidance in starting your home business. I know that people are more prone to success when they have someone to be held accountable to, but I also know everyone doesn’t have $1,500 laying around for a full-on coaching program.

Also, because this support is email-based and not confined to blocks of time, I can fit my replies around everyday business activities to keep the costs low.

Why are this a “paid” programs anyway? Why not a free motivational group on social media?

Simply put, people are more invested when they invest. If you’ve been trying to reach your goals and haven’t been successful, you probably haven’t had a real push to do so. Procrastination is real and the “I’ll do it later” mentality doesn’t get you far.

If you want the structure and accountability to see this thing through, I believe you will take it seriously when you want to get your money’s worth. I also have other businesses that I run and a family so I value my time as well.

How many emails can I send?

You will be allowed to send up to 3 emails per day with 3 separate inquiries as well as unlimited follow-up texts as needed for me to help keep you on track.

Will I be able to call you instead of emailing?

Unfortunately, not in this program. However, I will sometimes respond via video or voice message if I feel the response needs to be elaborated on. I’ll make sure that our communication is clearly reciprocated so that you get what you need from me.

I love the idea of email communication for supporting you in starting your business. I can easily send you detailed responses and resources you can keep forever. It’s easy to create folders and store your information in places that you can easily reference along the journey.

***NEW- Be sure to take advantage of the Voxer Office Hours on Wednesday’s from 9am-5pm. We will exchange voice clips throughout the day so you will have an opportunity to verbally express yourself or ask questions.

What questions can I ask you about?

Anything that has to do with setting up and running a home-based business or trucking. This can be about business ideas you’ve been thinking of, scheduling, developing procedures and service options, requirements to get started, the technical side of websites, landing pages, blogging, email marketing, funnels and marketing or just any roadblocks that you have with starting up.

I’ve been making some money here and there online over the past few years working from home and I have many resources to assist you. I’ve written and self-published books on Amazon and eBooks on my site, I’ve created other information products, opened an Etsy shop, WordPress websites and blogs, social media marketing, blog marketing, email marketing, course creation on Thinkific and more. I love learning so what I don’t know, I’ll find out, so ask away and we’ll learn something together.

The real benefit I have in being the one to support you is that I know exactly what you’re going through each step of the way. I’ve done what you’re doing right now. I have experience and knowledge to provide you a great asset in getting started.

You can also lean on me for motivation and mental support along the way. Every one else doesn’t always understand what we’re doing or how to help us as entrepreneurs, you can use me for that support too.

Is my success guaranteed?

Unfortunately I can not guarantee anything. Even though I can answer your questions and make suggestions that have proven to be successful for me or someone else, it will depend on your effort to make your business a priority and use the guidance and resources I’ll provide you with. I will definitely help you as much as I can but your ultimate success is in your own hands dear.

My objective is to get you from “Idea to Open” so I will keep you accountable and do my part.

Refund Policy

I do not offer refunds for emails, messages or any of my products on my website. Because of the nature of these offers, I simply cannot reclaim any of the time reserved or spent with a client so please let me know if you have questions ahead of time.

Disclaimer: I am not an attorney or an accountant. I am a small business owner and advising in areas of my experience and education in trucking, business, entrepreneurship and marketing. Your success is not guaranteed as a result of my guidance or answers. Your success will be dependent on you, your work and acceptance in the marketplace (none of which, I have control over).