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Whoa! What a ride!

Trying to start your own business, while trying to raise awesome and productive little people, while trying to maintain a home, while trying to maintain your sanity is literally just like a roller coaster ride! Getting dizzy just thinking about that blend.

You just kind of ride the waves and hope it ends up like you see it in your mind. This is kind of like homeschooling in general. You see it a certain way in your mind and then it plays out waaaaayyyy different! Lol! You gotta learn to laugh it off and keep moving.

Trying to start a business from home is similar. It’s like, in your mind, you have this picture of how it will play out and then it’s not quite like that in reality. You think, I’ll be independent, no boss, I can work from wherever I want to, whenever I want to, working in PJ’s, taking breaks when I feel like it, all that jazz.

While some of those things are reality, there is a bigger reality. There are so many more things you have to do on the back end before that little business of yours should see the light of day.

While not super painful, it’s time consuming. Then you have to create some sort of strategy because “just wingin’ it” doesn’t cut it. Trust me, I made that mistake, don’t do it!!!

Then you need a genius marketing plan, and then you actually have to implement it. Don’t skip that step, lol!

Don’t forget, you actually need clients, paying clients to help support that business and well, keep you in business.

You have to make announcements to family and friends that you’ve started a business. This step has proven to be a little harder for me. It’s not that I want it to be a secret, by any means, it’s just weird for me to talk about myself in that way.

A few days ago I was just talking to another homeschooling mom who is awesome and started a social media management business. She asked me how business is going and I told her “slow.” I was like, I know what I can do and I know that I can do it well, but I have a problem with actually talking about myself to other people and I think it’s holding me back.

In the midst of all of this, I have to stay on top of my twins about their lesson  plans and oh yeah, actually teach them, lol! They’ve made some wonderful strides this year though so I feel like I’ve done something right, yay!

Even though, I’m on this constant roller coaster called my life, I’ll have to figure out how to overcome these little tibits of mind games that are holding me back. I know that I have something to offer that people need, and that some people don’t want to do on their own and that I can do well.

So, I need to keep moving and just like I said in this blog title “DON’T GIVE UP!!!” I’m speaking to myself first and anyone else who’s listening. If you have something awesome that you want to accomplish, don’t let doubt, fear or failure hold you back.

Fake it til you make it if you have to. Don’t start and then turn back because you’ve hit a road block that it seems like you can’t move. Don’t throw all of your hard work down the drain. There is a way through, just figure it out.

If you know how I can get through mine, please do share!!! Any mind tricks I can reverse for myself or anything that’s worked for you, I’d love to hear it, honestly.

Until we meet again, here it goes! This is me, not giving up! And you don’t give up either! Prayers guys 🙂

Best to you, Shante â™¥