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Asalaamu ailaykum sisters! In this Muslima Business Profile, we’re looking at a Muslim sister named Amirra in Philadelphia, PA who started a side hustle doing henna.

She’s so talented and business savvy, that her side hustle turned into a full grown business. She has a physical location, over 37,000 followers on Instagram and even made it on to her local news due to her popularity and great designs.

And speaking of growth, this sister has a website where she sells henna cones, a henna workbook and she’s teaching others the craft. May Allah continue to shower her with success and abundance in her business, Ameen.

She’s a great inspiration and I’ve been following her growth for a few years now so I’m super happy to see her success.

I want to do these profiles as inspiration to all of us that we can use our talents and learn new ones to genearte a halal income for ourselves or to just contribute to our families.

Click the button below and watch my breakdown of her business on the YouTube channel.♥

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