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Hey sis!

Are you ready to change your life and start your home-based business?

I’m Shante and I’ve been working in the online marketing arena for a few years now. From social media marketing to email marketing, blog marketing, WordPress and more!

Now I’m also the Co-Owner of a trucking company that I started with my husband. It’s safe to say I love and enjoy starting businesses! I believe most people don’t get started with their own online business ideas for a few different reasons:

Fear of Failure

Most people are far too concerned about what other people think. This makes it too easy to kill your dream before you even give it a shot!

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No Direction/Aimless Tasks

You’re spinning your wheels with lots of busy work because you have an idea but no real direction to actually put it into play.

You need something measurable and realistic. It’ll be easier to reach the finish line when you know how to get there sis.

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Being Too Distracted

Ever heard of shiny object syndrome? It gets real! Especially if you have a creative and open-minded entrepreneurial spirit. You may have a great idea, but along the way of perfecting it, you get distracted by the next, newest, shiny business that you can start.

It’s OK to want more, but you have to start somewhere. You need focus with due dates and check-ins so you can see this thing through.

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This is why I’ve decided to offer Halal Email-Based Consulting and Accountability Support Services! I believe accountability is the biggest barrier to start. Having a solid plan with real outlined goals and sticking to them without the distractions, offers a higher probability for success.

Take a look below to see how I can help…

Accountability Support Email-Based Weekly Check-Ins


4-weeks of check-ins

Home Business Startup Voxer Q&A Day


1-day Voxer from 11am-6pm

Ask me anything in regards to starting, strategizing, marketing, brainstorming, or even support!

Home Business Startup: Text & Email-Based Consulting-Coaching Hybrid


1-week of coaching

Feeling Ambitious? Start working on lessons with action steps to solidify your new future today with my Startup eCourse!

You can buy the course, which includes the workbook, or buy the workbook separately. Flex your options sis.

More Resources to Start

Check out the invaluable digital resources I’ve created to help you get started and run your online business. I’ve got tools, ebooks and more!

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For more general information on getting started, please visit the blog for tips.