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You ever run into someone who’s all too excited to tell you what they want from you, but not what they’ll do for you?

It feels kind of awkward right?

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Here’s the thing, when you only center your marketing around your business offerings, what your business has going on and saying things like “I want customers, I want clients” that’s kind of what you’re doing.

You make these expansive lists and fancy service descriptions all about your process and you invite people in.

While you have the right idea, you need to tweak it a little bit.

Instead of focusing on what you want, you have to focus on what your customer wants.

I know you probably think you’re doing that, but you actually might not be.

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For example, instead of solely describing your services, change your wording to describe how your potential customer will benefit from that service.

Now this is related to sales and I know talking about sales can seem a little grimy but let’s face it, we’re not working on a hobby here.

You’re in business to make money. You’re selling your service to make money.

In order to make money in your business, your marketing has to be on point.

Are you with me…let’s dive in… 

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I’m about to tell you something important that you may need to hear.

You ready for it? This is big, really big

Here it goes… it’s not about you.

I’m going to say it again for the people in the cheap seats, it’s not about you!

Ok ok, I know you probably got that from the title so it wasn’t a big secret, lol.

Never the less, what I mean by saying it’s not all about you, is this. 

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When it comes to the product or service that you want to offer to a person, it’s all about making sure that what you’re offering can add value to that person in some way, or make something easier for them.

This is what you need to be emphasizing in your marketing. Just how is this service going to make things easier and how is it going to add value?

With you being in business to make money I know there’s all this hype about “doing what you’re passionate about” and I think that you should.

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If there’s a market for this thing that you’re passionate about and you happen to be good at it, which is also important right, then I think that you should capitalize off of it. 

But I would say not to focus so much on how passionate you are about it and focus more on what you know how to do or what you’re good at. 

Because when it comes down to it, you have to be able to prove results for somebody else for whatever it is that you’re saying you’re going to make easier in their life. 

Now back to actually marketing the service. 

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It’s not about you. 

Once you translate your marketing into what we’ve just discussed, how it makes things easier or adds value, you’ll be golden.

People don’t throw money at people for no reason, but they will throw money at a solution to their problems or a solution to something they didn’t want to do in the first place.

You have to do your research and make sure that there’s actually a market for the service you’re pushing and that people will invest in the service.

Focus on not worrying so much about how you feel about things and if it’s something that is okay with you. 

Focus more on whether or not if its solving a legit problem for the person that you’re trying to Market towards. 

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Because now when we get into the marketing, this is going to translate into your voice, the voice of your brand and your business. 

You must be able to market in a way that the person that you want to reach, or your ideal customer, can hear you and begin to want what you have.

This is also why I think it’s important to niche down in your field. 

That could be by the service you provide or it could be by who you provide the service for. 

I know people have differences of opinion on that but mine is to niche down. You may have to get started as a generalist to find what you like and who you want to work with in the beginning.

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This is important because niching down allows you to hone in on your skill, absorb all of the knowledge in the market in that area, focus on the continued knowledge as things change and grow and become the expert (go-to person) in that field.

You can demand higher prices but you also know exactly who your audience is and you can craft your marketing messages exactly to their desires and speak to them.

This is how you want to be perceived.

Since we know it’s not about you, you have to be able to know what the customer wants and you have to be able to express to them why what you have is the solution to that problem or that want. 

And then why what you have is a better solution than the next person for the problem or the desire.

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The more you know your customer the more you can focus on what it is that they want and not what it is that you want to give them. 

You can yell off into a room with the intention of speaking to everyone but nobody will hear you because you’re just like this loud noise in the room full of people. 

But when you begin to niche down and focus on that one particular audience that you’re speaking to…now your efforts in the room are more effective. 

Even if only a few people hear you, it’s the few you were aiming for and want to help. 

It’s like you guys are having this conversation between the two of you and it becomes personal. 

Your ideal customer that you want, they will hear you speaking directly to them in that crowd of noise. 

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We’ve all had people try to sell things to us before right? 

And some things you just kind of hear and you may listen just to be nice but then some things you really did have somebody sell you on because it was something that you liked or you wanted. 

You didn’t necessarily know that you  wanted that thing,  but they just spoke to you, you know, it’s kind of like being out here in the realm of business these days. 

Everybody’s selling something, everybody wants to help you start a business or grow your business and all that stuff. 

But if you need help in your business, you’re going to gravitate towards the person that resonates with you

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There will be something about that person that stands out and there’s a reason why you’re going to gravitate towards that person over another. 

Then, there’s a reason why you’re even willing to go a step further and pay this person over the next person. 

Think about this in your business as it pertains to  yourself. 

Ask yourself,

how am I going to be that person that’s going to attract the person that I actually want to pay me money? What it is that I’m offering them? 

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Focus on your customer. Let your service offerings reflect around them.

Think about this from a logical standpoint. Just like I mentioned earlier, you can’t just expect people to throw money at you for no reason, just because you want it.

But people will throw money at a solution to a problem that they either cannot solve or don’t want to be bothered with solving.

You make your money from your customer, so think of it like this, you will make your money from your customer because of doing for your customer.

So do what it is that they want, not what you want, and then they will pay you.

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You got this!

Salaam, Shante❤