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Often times we have goals in life that seem so far away, but little do we recognize that we get in the way of accomplishing those very goals. Be it weight loss, education or even starting a business, nothing is out of our reach if we just get out of our own way and act now! Yes, now! It’s easy to say “I’ll do it tomorrow” or wait until the famous ‘Monday’ to start. No, start now!

Just Start New

 The only thing in your way is lack of action. Yes, I’m a big fan of planning and organization but at some point this segment ends. Try this on for size:

1.) Figure out what you want to accomplish. For some people multitasking is not a strong suit so maybe focus on one goal at a time. If you wish to do more than one at a time, simply organize your various goals and schedule out when you will work on each. This will prevent your brain from worrying about the next action item on your list, allowing you to peacefully focus on each goal in its respective time.

2.) Brainstorm. How can you get to your goal? What are potential roadblocks and how can you avoid or deal with them? When will you have time to work on this goal, in actual time blocks? Will you have or even need support? See if you need to research the topic further and do so or hire someone to do so.

3.) Create a plan of action. Use information attained from your brainstorming exercise and document specifically what you need to do and when.

4.) Once your plan is complete, implement it. Start with your first step and keep moving.

You will never know the full depths of your potential until you test your limits. Forget what others think of you, expect of you or any negativity towards you. This is about you and your quality of life and the path you choose for yourself. A close friend of my husband gave him this advice that I will share, “It’s more important to finish, than to be perfect.” In order to finish, you need to start. Don’t expect perfection, expect and give full effort. We’re not robots and no one gets it right every time.

Remember no one can do this for you except you, so get out of your own way and Just Start already! If you need help with anything, explore my site and see if I can be of assistance in any way. It would be my pleasure.

Best to you, Shante ♥