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It’s easy to get caught up in the daily tasks of running your business. You have lists beyond lists beyond lists of things you don’t want to forget. If you have a family, you give them their time and you still have to manage your duties of running your home and keeping up with everything. One area we fall short in, is taking care of ourselves.

You must take time out to be still. Time needs to be spent NOT working on your business, NOT chasing the kids, NOT cleaning or cooking and NOT feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders. You must take time to care for yourself. This is something that no one else can or will do for you but it’s essential if you want to keep your sanity. Here are some helpful tips that I hope you can put in motion.


1.) Sneak in a morning workout

Yoga is really good to get your blood flowing, get a good stretch in and clear your mind for the day. Whether it’s 15, 20 or even 30 minutes, a workout is a great way to start the day with clarity, not to mention great for your overall health.

2.) Read

Another great way to escape reality is to get lost in a good book. You can choose to read a topic of your liking, a spiritual text or even something educational for your field of business to help you expand your knowledge and improve your skills. Get in some comfy clothes, set the mood and lounge on comfy furniture. Give yourself about 20 -30 minutes.

3.) Take a nice bath

For a tried and true method of total relaxation, a good bath has never failed. Go all out and infuse your water with essential oils, bath salts or your favorite types of aroma, get a nice bath pillow if you can, dim the lights or use some candles and maybe even add some soothing tones. Soak away the worries of the day.

4.) Take a leisurely walk

I know we’ve technically addressed getting in a good exercise but if you can sneak in a stroll through the park or even your neighborhood with great sunlight or a midday breeze, your happy endorphins are in for a real treat. There’s nothing like a good walk with nature to clear the mind.

5.) Indulge in a hobby or your favorite pastime

If you organize your time properly, you should be able to fully engulf yourself in your favorite hobby or pastime. Whether you love to sew, paint, bake, play tennis or shoot some hoops, make time for it. Again, set aside a good 20-30 minutes to yourself and have fun!

Stress will find you if you let it and you can easily become overwhelmed with work. Make time for yourself and enjoy some of the things that make you happy instead of always focusing on everyone else. Until next time, take care.

Best to you, Shante ♥