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Let’s talk about accountability. When you work for an employer, you have someone telling you when to start, stop and break. While working for yourself, and from your home, it’s all on you. You must be disciplined enough to know when to start, how long to take breaks or tend to other tasks and when to quit. Being organized about how you utilize the time you have is crucial to your success.



Here are some tips to help you hold yourself accountable in your business and be more productive:

Keep an accountability log – let’s start simple. You can easily create an Excel spreadsheet with dates and columns of repetitious tasks and headings that identify goals you want to hit. It doesn’t need to be fancy to get the job done. Every day that you work, fill in the cells with what you’ve done that day. It’ll give you a snapshot of your progress over time and allow you to have something to show for your time spent working and identify modifications you may need to make in your business.


Create a schedule. Just because you’re working for yourself doesn’t mean you don’t need one. Not only will this allow you to be more productive, it will help ease stress. When you think of all the things you must get done throughout the duration of the day, it’s hard to focus on the task at hand. If those tasks are already planned and you know when you will get to them, you can focus on your work and give it your all in its respective time.

Get out. Occasionally, grab your laptop and work materials and find a new place to work from. If your phone can be a Hot Spot for you, you can literally go anywhere. Try a nice park, a coffee shop, a book store, library, anywhere you want to. Some cities even have offices where entrepreneurs can share common areas and use meeting rooms just to get out of the house to do work. Sometimes we need to leave our comfort zone to get some work in.


While these are just a few things you can implement, there are so many more. Find what works for you and get into a steady groove. Make things easy on yourself and get to work. As usual, if you need any help, I’m around.


Best to you, Shante♥