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Wouldn’t you like to share some information that’s always relevant and will just hang around through the ages?

Well, kinda sorta.

So many businesses and marketers do this intentionally as a great search optimization practice. 

It even has a name.

Evergreen content (as defined by Digital Marketing Institute) is “search-optimized content that is continually relevant and stays “fresh” for readers over a long period of time.”

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But why should you care?

Well if you’re starting a business, you’ll have to market that business.

And evergreen content is something you’ll want to incorporate into your marketing. 


Again, because it stays around.

That means if you write a blog post today, it’s still “searchable” and “findable” based on keywords you’ve used and during times that people are searching for those keywords (whenever that will be).

It’s extremely productive to create one piece of content that stands the test of time and continues to bring you readers, clients and income!

There will be some topics and some industries where things are constantly changing and you’ll have to put your thinking cap on to extract the parts of it that won’t change.

Let’s look at some examples of “evergreen content” and “evergreen social media platforms” so that you can decide how you want to utilize an “evergreen consciousness” in your marketing.

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Ok, so who’s got it easy?

One great industry that I can say should have no problem coming up with evergreen content, and is a great example for you to wrap your mind around this concept, is the health and wellness industry.

Let’s explore.

Take meditation for example. Even though there are different types of meditation practices, the general concept of how to do it remains the same.

Also with yoga, also with weight lifting, also with fitness equipment…the techniques will always be the same, no matter how many different techniques there are.

I could write a blog post or create a YouTube video today about how to use the functions on a treadmill, or how to wear a waist trainer and if someone looks it up 5 years from now, they will still find that information useful because it will still be true.

The only exception is the fact that someone may create a newer model treadmill with more bells and whistles or design a better waist trainer, but my content would still be relevant.

Wanna know why?

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Because the benefits you get from using them will still be the same. Bam! Fresh content that doesn’t age.

Now that you understand what evergreen content is, let’s look at some evergreen social media platforms.

First of all, what makes them evergreen platforms?

Looking at the same concept of the actual content that stays fresh and doesn’t age, great evergreen platforms give you options to stay visible and searchable for as long as possible.

Three great examples are:

  • Your Blogging Platform
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest

When someone Googles what they’re looking for, a blog post will come up (more often than just a static website).

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So you know that your efforts in creating blogs will be around for the long haul.

If you create a YouTube video, same thing.

You can create a video today and if someone searches for relevant content, you have the potential to show up in the search 10 years from now.

Are you seeing the pattern here?

All of the platforms have a search engine feature and allow people to type in what they’re looking for and stumble across your content.

Another great one, like I mentioned, is Pinterest. 

If you optimize your boards and pins correctly, by using searchable keywords relevant to what’s in them, you can always be found.

Pinterest and YouTube are both great for driving traffic to your website, shop or even sales and lead magnet funnels.

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Great to know, right!

So how do you combat not having an industry profession that is “not evergreen” in itself?

You know, like Instagram or Facebook optimization.

Since those platforms have algorithms that are always changing, the content itself may not always be relevant to grow a following, right.

So if that’s you, instead, focus on utilizing an evergreen platform. Because even if your information changes, someone can still stumble across your content and then see your most recent advice that should be relevant at THAT time.

You see how you can benefit from choosing one method or the other?

Either make sure your content will always stay relevant, or make sure you use a platform that will always allow for searchability.

That’s the jist!

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Here’s how you can benefit. 

Based on your specific industry, service and/or products, figure out what will not age, or will only slightly change.

Create products and services around this and then create your content. Again, platforms that are most evergreen are blogging, YouTube and Pinterest because of their search engine capabilities.

People can always find you.

If you’re just getting started and haven’t pinpointed a service yet, consider something that will always be needed so that you never go out of style (wink wink).

I’m not telling you to “only” create evergreen content, but I am advising you to consciously incorporate this type of content into your marketing strategy for long-term success.

If you haven’t yet, grab your FREE copy of my eBook “100+ Online Business Ideas to Start From Home.”

Wishing you the best on your journey!

Salaam, Shante❤