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Halal home business

Welcome Sisters, Salaam

Thank you for stopping by, stay and join me! I’d love to be a resource in your journey to start working from home in a way that doesn’t compromise your deen. This Halal Home Business blog was created to provide an organic environment for spiritual and financial growth. 

 As we know, when it comes to working, we as Muslim women have a few considerations to make. Not only do we need to make sure the job is halal in all aspects, we have to consider the environment. Will we be in constant contact with the opposite sex, and sometimes alone, or expected to shake someone’s hand so we don’t come across rude or unprofessional? Will we have a safe and comfortable place to pray? If we have small children, who will be raising them when we’re not there and will they have the same level of patience with them as we do? 

We have a rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts. We know we want to contribute to our household finances, or have something that’s ours to do, but we don’t want to compromise on our morals. It can be frustrating, difficult and draining. 

But consider that you have the skills to do something that will be of benefit to someone else, or even a business. You can choose to capitalize on that instead. You can have more control over your time, your environment and your home life.

This site and my YouTube channel are up to provide resources to that path. I want to give you ideas of the multitude of options you have at your fingertips, resources, support, motivation and even snapshots of other succesful Muslima’s in business. If this is what you want, stick around!

Jump on my email list and subscribe to my YouTube channel and we can navigate this journey together while we remind each other of our deen and remember that comes first, Allah comes first. Everything is fleeting and nothing will be of any benefit to us except our worship. So let us walk towards the goal of being pleasing to Allah, benefiting our families and offering good in the world in exchange for money.



Halal Business Ideas

Check out the work from home ideas and profiles of other successful businesses being run by other Muslimas.

Marketing Tips

I’ll share some effective marketing techniques I’ve learned, tested or researched for you.

Instructional Videos

Join me on my YouTube channel where I show you how to use valuable business tools and various software.


We can all use a push and some encouragement to keep pushing. Join my email list!


I’ve studied and actively enjoy scripting and recording meditations. Feel free to try a few ♥

Deen Reminders

The reminder benefits the believer so I’ll be sharing Islamic reminders as well. Our deen comes first.

Need a step by step guide to get started?


Resources in the Blog

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Be Kind to Yourself

Watch my YouTube video for this powerful reminder to be kind to yourself.

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Working “In” or “On” Your Business

Will you work “in” your business or “on” your business in the long-term? Let’s chat.

3 Tips in Starting Your Home-Based Business

Tips to get your Home-Based business off to a great start!

Just Do It Sis😎

You know what you need to know, time to implement👍🏽

6 Steps to Create a Home Business Schedule

Steps to create a schedule as a new entrepreneur working from home.

Start with One Idea 1st

One business idea at a time.

Need help to get started?

If you’re looking for help to get your halal home business off the ground, I can help! Some of my skillsets consist of marketing and building starter websites. Not only do I offer email coaching and consulting, but I can build your site quickly so that you can be up and running with a great online presence. Want to know if your business is halal to see if I can help you out? Just reach out with any questions.

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